What a difference a day makes

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am finally back from quite a hectic week of events. I will start off by going over some of the happenings for the Highland show on Saturday. I had to get up at 8 am to go to Midway to pick up Chris Candido. It is always a fun time when it comes to hanging out with Chris. I pick up Chris and start heading to Highland. We decide to go to the Cracker Barrel at the next exit past Highland. Tammy called Chris to make sure he made it to the show ok. She asked who picked him up at the airport and his response was “JJ Dillon.” Chris always calls me JJ Dillon. I love it. Tammy told him to suggest that I wear a short mini-skirt since I am replacing her as his manager. I told Chris to tell her that the object is to get people to come back to the shows and he proceeded to tell her that I did my best by wearing a sports bra at one of the shows.

I took Candido to the hotel and got myself a room so I could wait on the ring crew to get to the Lincoln Center. I will skip forward to a brief description of an altercation in the dressing room. I stated on the message board that I would not tolerate any crap at the show. Those in the back know that I kept to my word. I would like to thank the 10 or so guys that kept the situation from getting out of hand. I also apologize to all of them for not defusing the situation myself. As one of my former stablemates pointed out to me, two years ago, I would have been much more out of control. The fans saw me go out to the DJ table on three occassions to yank the wires out of the speaker to stop the promo and get the show back underway. I ended up breaking the wire. I’ll have to go to Radio Shack and buy a replacement wire before the Bloomington show. In the big news from the show, I added Eddie Kingston to the Fannin Family. I love Kingston and look forward to having him in the family. He reminds me a lot of Mitch Page just in the fact of personality wise and being fun to be around and plus the fact that Mitch and I talked for a long time about me managing him and the same has now happened with Kingston. We’ve talked about this at just about every show he is on for IWA.

Now on to Phantom of the Opera and my day with “Rachel.” I had such a great time. I did not really know a thing about Phantom of the Opera before going to this but I knew it would be a good time anyway. We left Highland at like 6:30 am on Sunday to take Candido back to the airport. We then drove to Morris so we could eat my Grandma’s world famous Sunday morning breakfast. I gave “Rachel” the gifts that I had bought for her. I will say that I got her a card and wrote her a note to return the favor of the card/note that she gave me for Christmas. It was cheesy but hopefully she enjoyed it. We left for Madison, Wisconsin and got to the Holiday Inn Express about 90 minutes before the start of the show. “Rachel” took a shower to get ready. I got into my suit. I called my grandma to let her know that we made it. “Rachel” finished getting ready and came out of the restroom. In a word, I’ll say “WOW.” She was beautiful. Of course, that isn’t anything new but in her pink dress, she was a knockout. I took her picture and for $50 I’ll sell ya a copy. We then left to go to the show. It was -9 degrees outside and we had to walk a block and a half to get from the parking garage to the building. The Phantom of the Opera was great. I enjoyed the whole show and it had me torn between the Phantom and the boyfriend as to whom I was rooting for in the end. We wanted to go to a nice Italian restaurant after the show but that didn’t work out because they closed at 10 pm even though the ad in the magazine said “open till 2 am daily.” Sunday is not a day of the week in Wisconsin. You’ve been warned. It was also real difficult to get to the restaurant because every road is one way. We got to eat at Olive Garden the next day on the way back however. That was a mistake. I know remember why I don’t eat new kinds of food. My stomach revolts against me. Surprisingly, I went two days without making “Rachel” pissed off at me. Yaaaaaay!!!

After this weekend, I can’t decide on which theme song would best sum up my thoughts on the Boy Meets World situation. I have it narrowed down to Aaron Tippin’s “That’s As Close As I’ll Get To Loving You” or John Michael Montgomery’s “Friends.” I think I’m leaning towards “Friends” because I really like that song and I think it more accurately reflects the attitudes of myself and “Rachel”. I used to have the cd and I sold it at a rummage sale so now I’m really mad because I want to listen to it. I guess I’ll be going to Wal-Mart tomorrow. Speaking of Boy Meets World, in a conversation with “Amy”, she asked what character I was on the show. I offered up Mr. Feeny. She said that I was too cynical to be Mr. Feeny. The search continues…

Good Day.






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