Bah Humbug

Well it is now shortly after 4 am and I am still awake. I’ve been in bed since 9:30 pm but could not fall asleep so I figured why in the hell not get on the computer.

Technically it is Christmas Eve and I couldn’t possibly care less. I just wish it was over already. I have to be to my Uncle Don’s by 4:30 in the afternoon for my mom’s side of the family’s Christmas. It is supposed to be -4 degrees. I don’t like going out of the house when the temperature is below my age. I definitely don’t like going out when the temperature is below zero. Fuck that. The only good thing about the Christmas get together is that I should know everyone there unlike the Thanksgiving get together.

Christmas day is going to be my grandma, my aunt and me. I think my grandma is making turkey again so it looks like a day of eating mashed potatoes, corn and mac and cheese for me. I’m the pickiest eater in the world and the Thanksgiving and Christmas menu does not compliment my taste in foods. Then again, large gathering of people during Thanksgiving and Christmas doesn’t mesh well with my anti-social personality either. So I get to be uncomfortable and hungry all at the same time. Good times. Good times.

I wanted one thing for Christmas this year and it will not be coming true. Therefore, I say bah humbug. I’d say a few other things but that wouldn’t be very nice. I’m looking forward to seeing “Eric” again so we can start on our movie script. I’m going to suggest using ourselves as the main characters because it will be easy to come up with unhappy endings for ourselves. We have a lot of practice already. I might do some work on it on Christmas day in order to have a head start.

I finish this update by saying to those of you who enjoy the holidays: “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” I probably won’t get in another update before New Year’s so I leave my friends with this advice. Please don’t drink and drive. My uncle was killed while drinking and driving on New Year’s Eve 98. If you want to drink on New Year’s, take a cab home. Use a designated driver. Have the party at your house so you don’t have to leave.

See everyone in the new year.

Good Day.


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