Flyering and radio ads

Well I decided to go to Vincennes and Bloomington and help flyer for the last couple of days. I bought $400 worth of radio commercials in Vincennes. They had a deal for buying 108 ads for the $400. We will have ads on the Bob and Tom radio show for a week leading up to the show. We put 68 commercials for the Vincennes show and the remaining 40 will be for the Evansville show since they are close together geographically speaking. I flyered a few parking lots around Vincennes University and we got some out in the tattoo shops and liquor stores around the town and a few parking lots of businesses as well. There will be two ads in the newspaper in Vincennes also. Hopefully, that will draw some people to the show. It would be nice to debut in a town and have 150-200 people.

I went to Bloomington on Friday with Mick and Mike. I bought an ad in the IU school newspaper but could only get an ad for the day of the show. I bought two days in the classifieds under announcements just to help get the word out. Papa Johns got a bunch of flyers from us and they are supposed to put them on their pizza boxes for us. Flyered around the campus and almost got into a fight with a car load of college kids. Mike and I would have killed those dumbasses. I’m kinda sorry they didn’t get out of their car when I sat at the stop sign for 45 seconds waving everyone else on through and across while waiting for them to try something. There will be an ad in the regular paper in Bloomington as well. I think we did a much better job advertising for these shows and hopefully the attendance confirms that fact.

Now for some other thoughts.

December 3rd, Friday, was the 12 year anniversary of the death of my mom. Thankfully I went to Bloomington with Mick and Mike and didn’t have to just sit around and think about my mom all day. I will be going out to the cemetary tomorrow. Better late than never. My grandma and my Aunt Faye went out and put flowers on the headstone. I’m not going to post memories on here since no one reads this stuff and the one or two that do don’t want to read about that. Moving on….

I watched several movies while I was out and about the last few days. I absolutely loved Second Hand Lions. I strongly suggest this movie to all of you. It stars Michael Caine, Robert Duvall and the kid from Sixth Sense. Caine and Duvall are angry old men with quite a life story. It is a feel good movie that has lots of parts in it that made me laugh. Patricia commented that Caine and Duvall would be John and me if we became old bachelors. Well I’m practically already there. Anyway, in the best part of the movie, Duvall just gets out of the hospital from a heart attack, he leaves without permission, and they stop at a restuarant. Teenagers come in and start running their mouths. Duvall challenges them to a fight. Caine pulls out a shotgun and lets the teenagers know that it will be one at a time. Duvall kicks all their asses. Fun stuff. Mick asked who would be who out of John and me. I gladly took the spot of Caine being the one to hold the gun and make sure fights were one on one. I watched the movie twice it was so good. Watch the movie. I order you to.

I rewatched Along Came Polly. Good movie. Probably Stiller’s best movie besides Meet The Parents. It’s a damn shame the new Meet the Parents has Barbara Streisand in it. I probably won’t watch it now unless I hear alot of great things about it from other people.

I watched bits and pieces of Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys. Nick Maniwa is going to hell for having that movie and we are all going to hell for being in the room while it was playing. Enough said about that movie. I turned away during the sacriligious parts and I made jokes during the parts with the whorified little girl.

Now for the “OH MY GOSH I CAN’T BELIEVE IT” portion of the update. I went to Coyotes on Thursday night and watched Sugar Land in concert. I actually had a good time at a bar ladies and gentlemen. Stop the presses. Alert Guiness. There weren’t a lot of people in there so there was room to breathe. One guy kept violating my sphere of comfort but eventually he was threatened to be thrown out of the bar for being an idiot and was no longer a problem. John kept getting talked to by people that wanted to see his Sugar Land CD. I had on my Morris Redskins hoodie and someone came up to me and asked if I actually liked Washington Redskins. Then the aforementioned sphere of comfort violator touched me and laughed at a joke I told John during the concert. We looked at each other and said “are we wearing signs that say ‘talk to me’ on them?” I immediately went into the arms crossed stay away from me or die pose and wasn’t bothered the rest of the night. Sugar Land put on a good show and had some good music. They signed autographs and posed for pictures afterwards. I didn’t get any but John got some autographs and some pictures taken. They sang their “Baby Girl” song twice but the second time was by request of everyone there. Good song. Many times I’ve called home asking for money but it was to my grandma not my mom or dad. I didn’t end the conversation with “love your baby girl” either.

I might update before I head out on Wednesday for the shows.

Good Day.






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