My birthday and other thoughts

Well today is my 28th birthday. My grandma almost forgot to wish me happy birthday but she finally got around to it. My Aunt Faye called me. My other grandma and my Aunt Sharon called me. That’s what I did for my birthday…talked on the phone a few times.

My thoughts today have mostly been centered on my grandpa. It was four years ago today that I was called home to be with him before he died. I made it home in time to spend a couple of days with him. Wednesday will be four years to the day that he died. I will be going out to the cemetary that day and I’ll probably post some memories then.

I didn’t go to the school board meeting tonight as it was in the paper that since the football team is still in the playoffs that they wouldn’t be discussing the future of Coach Darlington. They will wait until the season is over.

Good Day.






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