Thank you CBS for a wonderful birthday present

I just finished watching the Dallas Reunion show. Thank you CBS. It could have been better but it was well worth watching. The footage of them having a police escort to take the “Who Shot JR?” episode to the tv station in England was unbelievable. The highlights brought back good memories of my mom, dad and me watching every Friday night. I hope they come out with more seasons on DVD.

Moving along, I had a nice visit with my friend Mark Watson today. I will donate some money to his ministry in a few weeks but I have other things I need to spend some money on right now. He leads mission trips and camping trips for youth groups from different churches to help them learn about God and increase their faith. I could count on Mark to take a bullet for me and in return, I will support him in his quest to build a high moral character in the youth of this nation.

The Bears pulled off a second straight victory this week and I can’t believe it. I wore the Urlacher jersey that Shaina bought for me. Perhaps it was good luck and something that I should do every week now.

Well I guess that about does it. I am going to go back to the gym tomorrow for the first time in a few weeks. I don’t know how good of a workout I’ll put in but it will be better than sitting around here and doing nothing. I have to check into the hotel information for the Japan trip and make some runs to the banks to acquire some funds.

Good Day.






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