I’m back with another thrilling update

I’m starting this one with the Morris football update. Morris 32 Pontiac 7. Morris is now 11-0. John Dergo has now rushed for 1850 yards and has scored 33 touchdowns. He hasn’t played in the second half of 8 of the 11 games. That is 16 quarters of football or 4 full games he hasn’t played in and still has those numbers. He had 320 yards rushing and 4 touchdowns Friday night. Morris now plays at Metamora on Saturday afternoon in the quarterfinals. Two more victories standing in their way of the showdown with Joliet Catholic.

On Monday I turn 28. I have appointments to be fitted for my hearing aids and my walker. I won’t be having a party or doing anything other than potentially raising hell at the school board meeting. Even though I’m not celebrating my birthday, the two or so of you who read this thing can feel free to shower me in gifts. If you can’t think of something to buy me, I will graciously accept cash. If you don’t want to get for me since you didn’t get for Prazak, I won’t tell if you don’t, so still feel free to shower me in gifts.

Now for some wrestling updates. Renssalaer was a very fun and good show. Unfortunately, the turnout was not. I think it will be much better next month because they announced a cage match to keep me from interfering (people were jumping around high fiving each other) and it will be on a Saturday so more of the Highland crowd can come. I rode to the Iowa show with Nick Maniwa and until he passed out, it was like old times. We had a lot of stuff to catch up on – bad luck with women mostly. We both rode the elevator at McDonalds (you had to be there to enjoy it). Goofiness prevailed once again with the two of us together. It was definitely fun times and made the trip an enjoyable experience.

We got to Iowa at 6 in the morning and at 6:30 the fire alarm starting going off and it went off 9 more times. It made for hard times sleeping but I look forward to the next stay there because as we were ready to leave we discovered they have a pool with a waterfall. The show was very good but it was also fun sitting around with Maniwa and Heidi and cracking jokes the entire time the ring was being set up…by other people. Of course, I’ve been far enough up the totem pole for a few years now to not have to worry about that but I still have vivid memories of it being Corp, Mitch and me and then the year it was BFE and me doing the ring so I can enjoy watching it being done by others. Ryan Boz vs. Jimmy Jacobs was very good. The crowd sang Real American while Boz was on the offensive. They brawled into the boxing ring after the match and Jimmy climbed on top of the speed bag holder and jumped off and connected with a rana on the floor. The crowd was going crazy and really loved the cage match that was announced for January.

Overall, I enjoyed both shows because the fans made them enjoyable. They weren’t full of internet smarts that ruin everything by overanalyzing. They were fans that were there because they love wrestling and they loved what they were watching. There were no asinine “yay” chants. There were no clusters of jackoffs using insider terms to sound important while critiquing the match as it was going on. I wish all the shows could be that way with about 200 fans.

Tomorrow will be a fun day as I will get to see my friend Mark who is a preacher. I haven’t seen him since his wedding back in May on the day of the Meeting of the Minds show. Then tomorrow night is the Dallas Reunion show. I’ll have a tape going in the vcr for sure during that. My favorite tv show of all time. The new tv guide says that they are thinking about doing another movie but changing the cast so it won’t be a bunch of 70 year olds and Larry Hagman was begging Bruce Willis to be the new JR Ewing. I think that would be a good choice.

Good Day.






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