Just another boring day

Well I got up and went to vote around 7 am this morning. Since people don’t like to discuss who they voted for, I’ll just say that I hate taxes, abortion and welfare and I’m sure you can figure out the rest. I walked in and didn’t have to show any identification to get the ballot and vote. I could have said I was anybody and voted. How pathetic. No wonder people vote 8 times in Chicago. They need to fix that in the future.

Today, my grandma and I went through alot of stuff around the house and we accumulated 10 boxes full of stuff to donate to the Military Order of Purple Cross. It was mostly books but also some clothes, bedding and other stuff. I strongly encourage you to donate stuff to them as it goes to the veterans of this country or is sold to provide money to help our soldiers. Instead of giving to bums that want to do drugs and drink themselves into ruin, give to people that served our country and need the help.

I visited my other grandma and my aunt yesterday and actually had a decent visit. I think I might actually start taking advantage of being in Morris and start spending time with some of my relatives.

My friend Chris called tonight and I think we might do something on Saturday. I want to see the movie The Incredibles. Fat, out of shape, retired super hero called back into action. I think it is right up my alley. If it is half as good as Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc, then it will be worth seeing.

My grandma bought me a great Redskins tie for my birthday. It will be worn in Muscatine, Iowa in order to support the team while they are playing Pontiac. I guess the tie wearing is being brought out of retirement since I’m back to business now in trying to take over the IWA. Maybe the suit coat will come out of storage soon as well. Speaking of Redskins, I made a post on the www.KeepCoachD.com website saying that if “my goofball cousin that masquerades as superintendent speaks out against rehiring the coach then I’ll have to chew him up and spit him out.” I got an email from my cousin saying he didn’t like my cheap shot and asking if I knew all the issues. If he wants to complain about cheap shots then here are some more. He only cares about himself and how to get his pocketbook fuller. He is available to the highest bidder and has no loyalty at all to Morris High School if some other school came along with a better offer. Dan Darlington has given 28 years to coaching the team and making them the best middle class public school team in the state. He is offering to drop his salary from $132,000 a year to $10,000 a year. I did not forget to add a zero. My cousin wouldn’t offer to drop his salary by $1 to stay at the school. He would push a homeless man out of the way to grab a dollar bill off the ground. When my mom and dad died, I think he spent a total of 10 minutes at the funeral home and surely didn’t offer any encouraging words or help. F him because my grandma and I have no need or use for him. That is all the issues for as far as I can see. The school board meeting may turn into a war zone. Of course, I will just focus on the positives of Darlington if I get the chance to speak because all out war may not help his cause in the best way. If the school board really wanted to save money after the closing of the power plant lowering property value in Morris, they should save the $120,000 by rehiring Darlington and replace the superintendent with someone who is loyal and much much much cheaper.

Well I got some preliminary costs on the hotel in Japan and it is expensive. I think we might have to look at a lower costing place in order to keep the price affordable.

That is about it for today. Good Day.






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