Halloween rant

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

It is time for another installment of anti-social no fun having ranting by me. Today was Halloween and I can’t even begin to describe how much I dislike this “holiday”. The trick or treating hours in Morris were 4 – 6 pm. When I was a kid, it was like 5 – 9 pm. You didn’t have to worry about jerkoffs trying to kidnap the kids. You didn’t have to worry about vandalism except for a few smashed pumpkins. You didn’t have to worry about poisoned candy. We had maybe 20 people come by the house tonight and it was all in the first hour. Half of the people that came were high schoolers and a few of them didn’t even dress in a costume. They just came to the door in regular clothes holding a bag. I had to give them candy or else they probably would have come back and egged the house or spray painted or did something else that little punk hoodlums that should be shot do. The kids that came wouldn’t say “trick or treat” or “thank you” after I gave them the candy. A couple of people came by that I grew up with and they wouldn’t even say hello or glad to see you are back home or anything. F them all.

My main problem with Halloween is that it imbeds a belief in welfare into the kids. Encourage children to go door to door and beg for handouts from strangers. You definitely know a Democrat came up with this damn idea. You also know it was a Democrat since it is a pagan holiday anyway. My grandma made me pass out the candy even though she knew I would have rather been in here on the computer and not dealing with it at all. Bah Humbug and a half.

I’m glad today is over.

Another thing that upsets me is that the local ABC station in Chicago is televising the Bears game tonight even though it is on ESPN. F the cheap bastards that didn’t want to get cable but still want to watch the Bears game. Now I have to stay up 2 hours past my bedtime to watch the new episode of Desperate Housewives. I would rather watch an hour of Teri Hatcher and Nicollette Sheridan acting like cheap floozies than watching the Bears on two channels. Hell one channel is more than enough to watch the Bears stink up the place. Maybe I’ll catch the replay of the Desperate Housewives next Saturday night.

My aunt and grandma called out to the house tonight to see if I was still alive and if I was going to be in town for my birthday. I told them I would be in town but that I would be at the school board meeting so hopefully there won’t be some bogus birthday party.

Good Day.






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