53-6 and other things no one cares about

Hello everyone,

I’m in a better mood tonight than I have been for my last several updates so hopefully it will show in this entry.

I went down to New Albany and had some fun during the show. Maniwa and I took a funny pic together. I joked around with some guys and just had fun. I poked fun at Jim Lot on commentary and I got to talk to the mayor. He gave me a video of his comedy club performance and I enjoyed it. He did an awesome job and if he performs again, hopefully it will be at a time I can make it.

I came home to Morris right after the show and I spoke with Shaina quite a bit on Friday morning. I didn’t do much else at all on Friday except fight with the leaves and sleep.

I watched the best episode of 7th Heaven ever today. Muslims named Dupree moved in across from the Camdens and the Camdens wanted to throw a block party to welcome them. The neighbors didn’t want to come because they thought the Duprees were French and since France didn’t back the US in the war on Iraq, they didn’t want to party with the Dupree’s. I laughed for about 10 minutes. Of course, Rev. Camden cut a promo on them and they all changed their minds and went to the party but it was still a great episode.

Tonight Morris beat the hell out of Springfield Lanphier in the playoffs. 44-0 with 7 minutes left in the second quarter and in came the second string. Morris ended up going up 53-0 but then on the last play of the game, Springfield ran a half back pass with their starters in the game to get a worthless touchdown. I hope they enjoy their bus ride home and feel so much better about getting that cheap touchdown at the end on chicanery.

Morris plays Pontiac next week in round two in a revival of an old rivalry. The game is probably going to be on Friday which means that I’ll miss it due to the Musatine, Iowa show.

I’ll be gone Monday and Tuesday flyering for Rensalear and then Thursday is the show in Rensalear and Friday is Iowa. I’m sure that will provide many fun moments as well.

Good Day.






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