The Curse of the Bambino is over

I had goosebumps and cold chills when Boston got the last out of the World Series. I am happy for their fans and players. It gives hope that one day the Cubs can get over the curse of the Billy Goat, Black Cat, Wet Glove, and Bartman.

Speaking of curses, hopefully this is the year that Morris breaks the Catholic Curse. Joliet Catholic has ended our season in 1990, 1999, 2001 and 2003. In 1999, it was a gust of wind that came out of nowhere to blow the winning field goal wide left. In 2001, it was a handful of cash in the ref’s pockets that made them go blind on the winning touchdown catch at the end of the game (pictures prove it was in bounds) and then last year it was a late touchdown. After this season, the IHSA is going to look into making a rule that will move the Catholic schools into bigger classes since they are fricking colleges that can go out and recruit and all. It only took the dumbasses 30 years to figure out that it wasn’t fair to the public schools so this may be Morris’ last chance against JCA. Let’s hope that we get the final showdown.

I was watching 7th Heaven today and it was making me sick. Everyone was in love and singing and dance while “You’re nobody until somebody loves you” was playing. It was perhaps the most annoying 40 minutes in the history of the series. I think it was commented on about 17 times on how happy everyone was…except for the associate reverend Chandler.

My grandma and I burned alot of leaves today and the yard is still covered with them. My friend Chris has a great neighbor. The guy raked up his leaves and put them into two huge piles…in Chris’ yard. I advised him to punch the lowlife f*cker right in the mouth but Chris isn’t much of a fighter. I offered to do the deed for him but I guess he doesn’t want a war with his neighbor even though we both loved the range war on Dallas between the Ewings and the McKays.

I watched Married With Children this morning and Al Bundy had the line of the day when talking about the boar’s head that Peggy bought from a yard sale, “no Peg, it’s not like me, someone loved it enough to put a bullet in it’s head.” So if any of you out there are thinking of last minute birthday presents for me…

Good Day.






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