Follow up on my rant

I totally left out the purpose of my wanting to go on that rant about happy endings. Yesterday, Tom Hanks was on Oprah (there is nothing else on at 9 am around here) and they were talking about his new movie The Polar Express. The theme is that all you have to do is believe and have faith and want it and your dreams can come true.

What a bunch of horsesh*t. If that were the case, my mom and dad would still be alive. Morris Redskins would have won the state championship my junior and senior year. IWA would have put WWE out of business by now. Some other things that don’t need to be gotten into would have occured.

Why sugar coat the realities of the world and give false hope to the children of the world? Why let them think that life is easy and all they have to do is believe and have faith and want for it to happen and it will? It’s a bunch of poppycock I tell ya.

I’m not saying to ruin children’s lives and make them like me. Hell one me is more than enough for this world to take. However, there is no need to flat out lie and make things seem all peachy and keen.

Good Day.






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