Yet Another Update today

I’m sitting here wondering how the Mayor is fairing at his comedy club debut. I sure hope it is going well for him. Hopefully he will update his lj later tonight to let those of us stuck 5 hours away how things went.

Now for a rant…I’m tired of watching television and seeing nothing but happy endings on everything. Everything always seems to work out in the end and it makes me mad. Real life doesn’t work that way at all. I want to see people being miserable and being losers. Boy Meets World is one of the biggest violators of this. I like the show but Corey shouldn’t have been able to get back together with Topanga after kissing that other girl. 7th Heaven is the same in alot of ways although they do have their share of misery and bad luck as well.

I guess that ends my second update today. Good Day.






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