A Tale of Two Cities

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. That would sum up the last week in the life of Fannin. The shows were outstanding. The attendance was not. Riding with Chris Candido and Steve Stone was alot of fun as Chris is a funny guy that always kept things entertaining. On the trip from Bloomington to Evansville, we went through a little town named Loogootee (pronounced La go tee) and talked to the volleyball coach at a carwash as we stopped to get directions. Chris asked how the team was doing and in her southern twang she proceeded to say what we thought was “tonight we have the sexuals”. Chris’ eyes bugged out and asked “What???” before it was repeated and then we realized that it was sectionals. If you read the results from Lafayette, you know that pure silliness reigned supreme in the eight man tag and it was perhaps the most fun I’ve had in a loooooong time. I definitely needed that to get out of my doldrums of late. The anniversary show was alot of fun as well even though it looks like it is being picked apart on the message boards. You can’t please everyone so to hell with the negative opinions of the show because I thought it was great.

I bought dinner for about 12 of the guys at the Denny’s after the Lafayette show. Candido, Stone, Abyss, the Chikara guys, Nigel and Claudio and Cannon were among them. After the pre show speech before the anniversary show, everyone was leaving the dressing room and patting me on the back and saying thanks and what not and it made me feel good. The fans were even great to me during the meet and greet which was a nice change of pace from the crap you read on the boards from the negative assholes that most of them don’t even go to the shows yet post comments about the show anyway. After the anniversary show, Shaina and I went to eat at the Steer and the Chikara guys were there. They all came by the table on their way out and again thanked me for buying dinner the previous night and saying their goodbyes. After they left, the waitress came up to the table and said that they just paid for our meal. If any of them read this: thank you guys. That was an extremely nice gesture and completely unnecessary.

I don’t really need to go into the worst of times issue as that has already been addressed in the proper mode. Hopefully now though, I can put things into the past and concentrate on the future and focus on things that will make me happy.

Now for the portion you all hate. Morris got put into the 5A playoffs and is set up nicely for a state championship showdown with the evil empire known as Joliet Catholic. I did just get an email though from a guy I went to school with saying that the school board (run by my piece of shit cousin) does not want to rehire Coach Darlington and he requested my presence at the next school board meeting which happens to fall on my birthday. While it won’t rate as bad as getting called home on my birthday from Louisville to get here before my grandpa died, it will be another craptastic birthday if the school board gets their way. You can bet I’ll be there raising all kinds of hell though to make sure it doesn’t happen. At the show on Saturday in Highland, about 9 guys from Morris were there and went to the meet and greet. I talked Morris football with them and asked if they were going to be able to find out immediately about the playoff brackets. They said they would and would let me know when I came out during the show. Unfortunately, the tag match went on before the announcement so they didn’t know and then they left before the end of the show so I didn’t find out until much later that night at the hotel.

I didn’t go to the gym this morning as I just didn’t feel up to it. Maybe tomorrow. Good luck mayor at the comedy club even though I won’t be able to make it. I want to hear the tape of it though.

Good Day.






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