An apology

To start off with, it is raining like hell here in Morris right now so it might be difficult for me to get out to the cemetary today but I will definitely try. If I can’t do it today, I will go tomorrow rain or shine in order to put flowers there for mom and dad’s birthdays.

I had a great workout this morning at the gym. I went 60 minutes on the treadmill and at the top measures, I was at 4.3 mph at an incline of 8.0. I went 3.75 miles and burned 735 calories. I don’t think I’ve sweat that much yet since I’ve been going. I also did 50 stomach crunches and lifted on 5 machines to work the shoulders, biceps, triceps. I felt good after I got done so hopefully I can get in two more good workouts this week before leaving for the quad shot.

Now for the apology. The ten of you that read this live journal may have read my earlier post from yesterday before I changed it. I have to apologize for the deragotory comments I made towards ROH’s product when I have never watched a show. I was upset about things and I let that cause me to make comments I shouldn’t have made. I also made a blanket statement about the front office of ROH even though it was only 3 people from the entire office/security crew that I had any problems with. I should not have made a statement in which everyone (even those innocent of doing anything wrong) was grouped together. ROH was doing us a favor by allowing us to flyer their event while being on the inside and I appreciate that fact. I do not deserve star treatment and I have been reassured that everything was just simply a misunderstanding that I blew way out of proportion. I’m sure that on a day of a show, they have many more things to worry about other than whether this thin skinned man feels slighted. Therefore, ROH personnel is defintely welcome at IWA events without being treated poorly by me in any way. I will be the first to admit that I have a short temper and I let it get out of hand this time. ROH has several great wrestlers on their roster as shown by the fact that IWA uses them and I’m sure that their shows are good at what they try to provide to wrestling fans. I still won’t go to another show but I don’t go to many non-IWA shows in the first place. I’ve seen enough wrestling in my lifetime and the IWA shows are plenty for me.

Now for the Morris Redskin portion of the update that no one cares about but me. Morris won 48-7 on Friday night to go to 8-0 and remain number one in Class 6A and ranked number 5 overall in the Chicago Tribune. Dergo scored 5 touchdowns on 8 carries for 184 yards to continue to destroy every team in his path. Morris finishes the regular season this Friday night and the playoffs pairings will be announced on Saturday night. I can’t wait to get home Sunday and find out if Morris got bumped down to 5A to square off with Joliet Catholic or if they will stay in 6A and have to go through the Catholic school gauntlet of Providence, Mount Carmel, St. Rita and Carmel.

Good Day.






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