Some of you may have read the update that I had today. I have removed it. Here is a summary of the weekend events I had. I went to Lafayette to flyer. Someone in town for the Wisconsin/Purdue game hit my car and cracked the bumper and put some scratches into it. They left like thieves in the night so either I pay to fix my car or I leave it like it is. Then on Saturday I did some other things.

Now onto the more important things. Tomorrow (Monday) would have been my mom’s 50th birthday. Tuesday would have been my dad’s 58th birthday. I will be going to the cemetary tomorrow and take a couple of flowers to put on their graves. I’m sure I’ll be doing alot of thinking and remembering as well over the next couple of days. Sometimes I wonder what might have been had they not passed away but there is no way to truly know so I don’t think too hard about it. At least I still have my grandma.

I doubt if I’ll update again before the IWA four shot. I’m sure it will be interesting.

Good Day.






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