Closed…Be back Tuesday

Well I’m getting ready to head out to Louisville for the rest of the week. Shows in New Albany and Scottsburg on Thursday and Saturday. Toby Keith concert on Sunday. Come home sometime on Monday.

I have to go to the eye doctor on Tuesday morning because my left eye has lost its power to see. I almost failed the vision test when I transfered my drivers license over to Illinois. Everything was blurry with my left eye. Luckily, my right eye carried me through the test. I was out at Prudential yesterday going over some of my inheritance stuff and an eye doctor is right across the hall. I could see about 6 lines worth on their eye chart with my right eye. I couldn’t even make out the huge letters on the top line with just my left eye. I came home and called and made an appointment. Hopefully they can do something to fix it. Hopefully glasses. I couldn’t stand to wear a contact lens. I guess it is signs that I’m starting to get old and my body is starting to quit on me.

My Morris Redskins are now ranked #1 in Class 6A and are ranked higher than 4 Catholic schools that are traditional powers. We play Oswego this weekend and I’m quite disappointed that I won’t be there for the game. Oswego beat Morris last year quite handily but Morris owns the series having won 21 of the 25 games played.

Hopefully this will be a good weekend. I’ll let everyone know when I return. I’ll probably hold off on making an update until after my eye doctor appointment.

Good Day and Good Weekend.






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