My wacky Saturday

Well I said I was going to Cash’s wedding. I got up on Saturday morning around 5:30 am and got ready and left for Louisville. I met Shaina for lunch at Texas Roadhouse and we left for the wedding. We drove. We drove some more. We stopped at a gas station so I could ask for directions. We drove. We stopped to get more directions. More directions yet again. I had to dodge two bullets shot by Shaina for causing her to get no sleep and ruining her day. Stopped for more directions. Gave up search around 40 minutes after the start time and just took Shaina back to her car in Clarksville and kept heading home. Around 13 hours of driving to miss the wedding.

Let me just say how much fun driving alone for all those hours can be. It leaves plenty of time for thinking and talking to yourself. I may have even answered myself a few times but there is no proof. So I send out apologies to Cash for missing his wedding and to Shaina for ruining her Saturday (not that spending time with me is a fun thing to do anyway but…)

I got back to Morris around 9:30 pm and made a few calls and got to see Nick Maniwa among others so at least I got to see several friends on Saturday spread throughout the day.

As for the Halloween party quiz, I would pay $5 to see Mark Wolf dressed like that. I need a good laugh. The mayor as a dominatrix would be quite the sight as well. I think I’ll pass on porn star Ben though.

I go back to the gym in the morning and eat my diety food for a few days until going back down to Louisville on Wednesday to get ready for the two wrestling shows and the Toby Keith concert.

Good Day.






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