Corn Fest, Football and Weddings

I went to the water fights last night and it was fun to watch but not as fun as I remembered as a kid and watching. Shaina would have liked watching them because the first thirty minutes while the sun was out a constant rainbow was formed from all the water being sprayed. At one point, a team had to run backwards to try and stop the barrell and they lost control of the hose and ending up spraying a large group of people watching on the sidewalk. My grandma and I kept dry throughout though so it was alright.

I thought about going in to the Corn Fest tonight and walking around and seeing if I would find someone I knew. I then remember that I didn’t like anyone I knew when I grew up here so instead I stayed at home and watched CSI and MXC.

My cousin called me and we arranged to go to the football game tomorrow night in Lemont. We were supposed to go to the Oswego World War III homecoming game next weekend but since shows were put in New Albany and Scottsburg, I won’t be able to go. We’ll go this week and watch instead. I’ll have to call or find a computer to discover what happens next week.

The Cubs have completely gone into the tank this past week and have more or less ruined any chance of going to the playoffs. It made me start thinking back to the days of midnight bingo with Ben Neal and Brent Blades and talk of the Daytona Cubs and the Hogan Big Boot. Similar times these days except no midnight bingo to go play. Those thoughts brought back memories of the mayor entertaining us all with hours upon hours of stories at JBoy’s after the IWA shows. See mayor I didn’t leave you out of the flashbacks and memories report this time.

Cash’s wedding is Saturday. First Corp and now Cash. I wonder who gets to be next. All I know is after the incident at Corp’s wedding, I am not getting anywhere near the garter belt launch Saturday night.

Well I guess that does it for this update. Hopefully I can actually get some sleep tonight as it will be a long weekend.

Good Day.






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