Cleaning house and other boring info

I didn’t go to the gym today. I just had no desire to do anything when I woke up. I just sat in the chair in the kitchen for an hour and stared at the wall. I decided to go through some of my things that have stock piled over the years and get rid of a lot of it. It is about the third time since I’ve moved back that I have done so but today got rid of much more. I came across the Christmas Bell musical ornaments that my dad and I got for my mom right before she passed away. She loved Christmas carols and these bells played all of them if you plugged them in while on the tree. We thought it might help raise her spirits and get her to make it through at least Christmas. She didn’t make it that long and we have never used those things since. Today I am getting rid of them. Either my aunt will take them or the garbage man will but they are leaving my house. No need to keep bad memories around any longer than necessary. I also got rid of my cowboy hat and cowboy boots I got when I went to San Antonio when I was a junior in high school. A couple of lamps and alot of old newspapers with UK winning national championships and Jack Brickhouse and Richard Nixon dying were also gotten rid of. I also threw out all the old cheer flyers that got put on my locker back in high school for football and wrestling. The art classes would draw up these designs and then each cheerleader had a list of guys that she “cheered” for and signed her name and put our number on them and then hung them on our lockers. Now that I have bored you to tears with my trash report, let’s move on to other things.

Tonight is the beginning of Corn Festival. I used to love the CornFest when I was a kid: coffin races downtown, catch the greased pig and water fights were my favorites. They stopped doing all three (coffins would jump the curb and break store windows on Liberty Street, PETA didn’t like people chasing pigs [I’m sorta glad I don’t get chased anymore too 😉 ] and I don’t know why they stopped the water fights. Tonight is the return of the water fights. The local fire departments compete against each other by shooting their fire hose at a bucket that is hanging on a wire and it is like tug of war, which team can shoot the bucket past the goal line. I think I’ll go downtown and watch it and see if it is as fun to watch as when I was little.

I finally finished watching season one of the Sopranos. Great stuff. I don’t know when I’ll start on season two but it will be soon.

Good Day everybody.






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