Weekend thoughts and other stuff of no importance

Well I went up to Milwaukee over the weekend to attend the MAW show.

Ed Chuman can now be added to the list of Ian Rotten and Brent Blades as people who consider me the most opinionated man in the world. I don’t think Chuman liked the fact that I turned my chair around during Dysfunction vs. Ken Anderson since Anderson made Danny Daniels look bad at TPI 2003 and also made Austin Aries look bad in his first IWA match. I then had to turn my chair around again during the Void Effect tag title match since they were chopping and headbutting like little sissies. I swear Dinty Moore is still in the ring asking for fans to cheer for him and the show has been over for a couple of days now.

In the bar afterwards, it was no better. Dysfunction called me the angriest man in the world. I guess I now only have to shoot for most miserable to complete the asshole triple crown. Jill McKee asked me if I hated everybody that bad that was in the bar to cause me to just stand around with my arms crossed all night. We finally left the bar after two hours and got about a block and half down the street before a certain wrestler who I shall leave nameless barfed out the window. Luckily, the only window that Troy had up was the back seat window that kept the puke from coming into the car by me. We stopped at a gas station and as Troy and I came walking out, said wrestler was throwing up again so I quickly turned around and said “I don’t need to see that” and went back into the gas station. Once we got back to the hotel, Troy and I went downstairs to get more pillows and when we came back into the room, the wrestler had rolled completely off the bed and was on the floor.

That sums up my weekend trip to Milwaukee. Friday was fun watching Morris destroy Minooka 41-7. Minooka’s touchdown came on an interception return so the Morris defense has still only given up one touchdown in five games.

Depending on Shaina’s work schedule, I’ll be going to Cash’s wedding with her on Saturday. I guess I’ll be coming back directly following the reception and then it will be back down to New Albany for the show on Thursday. Toby Keith in Lexington on Sunday. Should be a fun weekend.

Good Day.






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