Yesterday I was actually busy

Hello everybody (or all 3 of you who might happen to read this):

Yesterday, I actually did stuff during the day other than watch Matlock and Perry Mason with my grandma. I’m sure you are all pleased to read that. I stopped at the courthouse and sent out my application for my passport. I should receive it by my birthday. A year early I know but hell, better to get it taken care of now than wait til the last minute. I had a good workout at the gym and I’ve now lost 10 pounds on my on again off again diet plan. I’m happy with that seeing as how I’ve taken about two weeks in time off the diet/workout to go down to Louisville and then do the 4 shot of shows. I got my temporary license plates for Illinois to go along with my new Illinois driver’s license so I am once again a resident of this fine state.

I didn’t do much at the gym today as I wasn’t feeling well when I woke up. I still did some lifting but stayed away from the cardio today. I’ll get in a good workout tomorrow to lead in to the weekend. The Cubs come on at 11:30 this morning so that will take care of my afternoon. I picked up my Star Wars trilogy yesterday and watched the bonus materials (cool documentary on the return of Vader and the making of the lightsaber…yes I know I am a dork) and also watched the first movie. Perhaps after the Cub game today I will throw in Empire Strikes Back. I might also watch some Sopranos or maybe some of my Dallas as well.

Tomorrow night is the Morris vs. Minooka football game. The new state rankings came out for this week and if the playoffs started today, Morris would move down to 5A and be staring at Joliet Catholic again. I was looking forward to seeing what Morris would do in 6A for the first time but guesses are that they will end up in 6A anyway when all is said and done. Since Lafayette was cancelled, I will be able to go to the Minooka game and I’ll be able to go to the Oswego game on October 8th. Here’s hoping that we kick the shit out of Oswego since that was our big rival back when I played.

Cash Flo’s wedding is coming up in a couple of weeks and that will be my next return to the Louisville area.

Good Day.






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