There is more to my hatred of the world right now than stupid wrestling fans posting about things that they weren’t even in attendance to see.

A MAN I went to school with (I capitalized MAN because when I finish this story you will agree with me that he deserves it) was almost killed last week in Iraq. He joined the marines straight out of high school. I played football with him my senior year when he was a junior. He was one of four guys on the team that I actually spent time with outside of the football field. He would always join us at Romine’s (R-Place) after the football games and he would always have no money. His order each and every week: fries…and a coke. The one thing I will always remember is that the sophomore coach was a prick to my group (the scrubs)and he had the worst receding hairline I have ever seen. His hair started half way to the back of his head. Instead of just shaving it all off, he clung to it like it was gold. We always picked on him about it and maybe that is why he hated us. The “in thing” to do come playoff time was to shave your head. Rob Dettman came to school that day with his head shaved just like that coach. I have never laughed so hard in my life. The coach was so pissed off and said “if Rob wants to walk around looking like an idiot then let him” and of course who couldn’t let him live down the fact that he admitted he looked like an idiot since Rob was copying him. Anyway, Rob was in a tank that was hit by an enemy plane and was shredded with schrapnel. Luckily one of the guys with him was able to apply first aid and save his life. He severed an artery in his arm and tore a muscle and has some metal under his kneecap and in a few other places in his body. His quote in the paper, “as soon as I get out of the hospital, I hope they let me go back to fighting.” Spoken like a true hero.

Also in the life isn’t fair and is short column, a kid that was the same age as me that I went to school with for 7 years was killed in a motorcycle accident. With all the traveling that I do, it could easily have been me involved in a wreck. I didn’t know him well since we didn’t run in the same circles but my thoughts and prayers still go out to his family.

I always wanted to come back to Morris but this was definitely not the way I saw it occurring. F not being able to afford two homefronts anymore and having to return here and leave behind my friends and loved ones. I can’t believe how apart I have grown from this town. The only good thing is Friday night football with the Redskins but most times, IWA conflicts with that.

Blah to everything is my new motto. To those that really don’t like a fired up pissed off wanting revenge for the lack of respect shown to me Jim Fannin, you better close your eyes because the fight has just begun. I was in IWA for two years before I became a part owner. Two Years. I bought my way onto the shows? Fuck you. I was there before my money and I don’t put my money in now and I’m still there. I’ll still be there long after their tickets are invalid. They’ll just have to learn to deal with it.

Good Day.


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