This week

Evansville, New Albany and TPI in Highland. This will be the first time I’ve done four wrestling shows in four days. I can honestly say that I haven’t looked this forward to shows in quite some time. I have some interesting surprises in store for Ian Rotten over the week that will help me in my mission to take control of IWA. Mainly though, I just can’t wait to see the TPI tournament. 24 of the greatest wrestlers in the independents today (wish Mark would be there though) and it should make for some great matchups.

In a side note, if any of you read the Chicagowrestling message board, I wish that jackass czwfan would come to ringside during one of the shows and tell me to drink some drano to my face. It would be such a priviledge for me to shove that $#@%^$#^^$’s head so far up his @$$ that he could be used as a basketball. Of course it won’t happen since he only has guts to talk trash while hiding behind a computer screen. I speak my mind and put my name to it. I speak my mind at the shows, on commentary, where everyone can hear it. This guy should be treated like the soldier in Patton that was crying in the sick bay because his nerves were shot: slapped in the face in front of everyone and called a coward.

Back to business, I look forward to the New Albany show. It will be great to see all the old regular IWA fans that haven’t gotten a chance to see a show in a long time. Mike Miller, Donna, everyone. Did I mention that TPI is coming too???? 😉

I hope everyone makes as many shows this week as they can.

Good Day.






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