Who can sleep?

The last couple of nights I have not been able to sleep at all. Sometimes I just have way too many things running through my mind. Today I cleaned out some of the drawers in my dresser in the bedroom. There were alot of stuff that belonged to my mom and dad that I finally got rid of and some things that I put away in a box. I hope that it ends soon because I need my sleep.

Anyway, I returned from my trip to Milwaukee and got back on my diet. I went 60 minutes on the treadmill on Monday and did more lifting than I did last week. I was real happy with the workout especially since I didn’t want to wake up and go at all. Tuesday, I put in 30 minutes on the bike. Thanks to Mark with his advice of icing my knee and then wearing a neoprene on it, I was able to return to doing the bike without my knee wanting to kill me. I also put in about 100 crunches on the ab cruncher machine. Of course, it took me 6 sets to get to 100. I’ll start adding those onto the workout everyday I’m at the gym as well.

I’ll be going to Louisville on Thursday to start flyering for the Evansville and New Albany shows. I’ll probably stay about a week before returning to Morris. I won’t be going to the next Milwaukee show since Morris plays Riverside-Brookfield that night. R-B defeated Morris last year so I need to attend that game. R-B plays backyard football as they use 5 WRs and no RBs the entire game. They rush the ball about 8 times a game and that is usually when the QB has to scramble. Bush league at its worst. Buddy Ryan had it right when he clocked Gilbride in the mouth for starting this crap.

I’m going to end this update with a little tirade against liberals. I love how liberals are supposed to be the open minded ones that are loving and caring and peaceful. Yet, every time the conservatives have an event the liberals come out of the woodwork to protest. I encountered it at UK at every political function I attended. It happens everywhere President Bush goes. We never get a chance to say our peace without the newscast having to focus on 1000 or more bleeding hearts shouting over us. Don’t they have babies to kill somewhere since that is much easier than keeping their legs closed? Don’t they have taxes to raise somewhere so I can work 40 hours a week in order for some lazy piece of garbage to stay home and receive a free ride? Don’t they have some save the environment from mankind because we can do more damage than a million years of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc by driving a car and using hairspray rally to go to?

Good Day.






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