My fingers are tired

Well I’m about to call it a night before leaving for a week. I’ve been typing on the net all day as I was pulled into an argument over at the Chicago message board. I love what annoying little pricks post under names like “nooneyouknow” in order to talk their shit. If you aren’t man enough to put your name to your thoughts then keep your asshole puckered so we don’t have to hear or read them.

Now onto another subject, Mark Wolf posted in his journal asking people to list 5 people they would like to have dinner together with. I have a similar task for those of you who read this and now have the ability to post comments since I updated how my journal works.

Name 5 tv characters that you wish you could portray in real life.

1) JR Ewing. Dallas is my favorite tv show of all time and JR is my favorite character. I try and incorporate what I can into what I do at the IWA shows. Shady businessman out to take over the world. If it weren’t for Jim Ross, I’d probably wear a cowboy hat and be JR Fannin 🙂

2) Dr. Samuel Beckett from Quantum Leap. I think it would be great to be able to jump around in time from person to person and fix things from going wrong. I know I’d make sure that “nooneyouknow”‘s daddy was wearing a condom. It would also be great to be able to go back and spend time with my mom and dad and grandpa. I’d like to have more control over where I leapt though.

3) Tony Soprano. How cool would it be to run a Mafia? I also try to incorporate that style into the IWA shows. I call the shots and have my capos do my dirty work. Strong arm people into giving me what I want. I would love that.

4) Archie Bunker. Hell that is going to be me in about 30 years. If I live that long.

5) Alex P. Keaton. An ultra conservative that loves money, Reagan and Nixon. Hey I think I got that one down pat too!!!!

Good Day.






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