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I stand before you as a die hard conservative but I will admit to the fact that I don’t follow the leader 100% of the time with the Republican platform.

I do not believe that we should make prayers in school a law. I think kids have an opportunity to say plenty of prayers in school to themselves if they want to and it doesn’t have to be a recognized time for the whole school. That is what Catholic schools are for. I do believe that religion should be a class offered in all schools teaching all religions. Let kids become informed on what religions are out there and what the beliefs are. If a kid wants to take that class, he shouldn’t have to attend a Catholic school to do it.

I also don’t believe in the right to bear arms meaning that every piece of scum in the country has a right to own a gun. Military and police should have guns. I can see having a rifle in order to hunt. I can even agree with having a handgun in the home for protection (but if only military and police had access to guns…) but I don’t believe people should own automatic weapons. Machine guns, uzis, AKs etc only serve the purpose of killing people. You can’t eat deer meat from a deer that was tore apart by an AK.

Those things being said, it is unfathomable to me how anybody can side with liberals on the other issues like taxes. I am a firm believer in the flat tax. If everyone paid 15%, I believe that it would be fair to everyone. If I made $20,000, I would have to pitch in my $3000. If I made $100,000, I would have to pitch in my $15,000. I’d still be paying 5 times more than the $20,000 guy is and that is fair. However, due to liberals who want as much money as possible to keep lazy people happy and voting democrat, the richer guy has to pay around 40% and give $40,000 or about 13 times more than the guy making five times less. That doesn’t sound fair to me. Every time I open a paper, I see plenty of want ads for employment but people won’t take those jobs because they can make more living on welfare and spitting out more kids every year than by taking those jobs. Get a job and pull your weight.

Abortion is another topic I just don’t get. “I don’t want to have a child.” Then don’t do the ONE thing that leads to a child. You can’t get pregnant by drinking water. Going outside in the winter without a jacket. It isn’t contagious like a damn cold. You get it by doing ONE thing. If you decide to do that one thing and get pregnant, I don’t know, how about you have some responbility and deal with it. If a mother’s health is in danger, I can see having an abortion. I can see wanting an abortion if you were raped (although it would cause alot of rape allegations if that was an allowable cause for abortion). There is a thing in this world called adoption and plenty of women who can’t have children of their own. Give a child a chance and decide on the other A word. Adoption. Who knows, one day, that child could end up saving your life by coming up with a cure for a disease that ails you. Abortion is murder pure and simple. People argue that the fetus isn’t a human yet so it is not murder. How come you can’t poach an egg from a nest of a bald eagle? Courts have decided that since it is GOING to be a bald eagle when it is hatched that it is protected by the Endangered Species Act the same as an eagle that is already alive. Last time I checked, a fetus was GOING to be a human and it is still illegal to kill humans. If it isn’t, then why is Michael Moore still alive? He should have been beaten down last night for going into the Republican convention and talking shit to everyone and then bragging about it on Good Morning America today. Did the Govenor Arnold go to the Democrat convention and walk around threatening people to get them to vote Republican? F Michael Moore and I hope he chokes to death on his fifth cheeseburger at the lunch table. Now back to the abortion issue after that tangent, why the double standard? Birds are more important than human babies? Or is it just because the liberals don’t want to have responsibility for their actions or else they might have to *gasp* do the right thing.

I’m sure I’ll rant more later.

Good Day.






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