Whatcha gonna do?

When IWA returns to southern Indiana and runs wild on you??????

It’ll be so much fun to return to southern Indiana with an IWA show. Hopefully all the old faces from the crowd shows up. Maybe even get to talk with the mayor for awhile after the show if he comes. Hopefully I can see Shaina that week but at least I’ll be able to see her at the TPI if I don’t.

I went to Milwaukee this weekend and thought I was going to see a homicide committed. Thankfully, I didn’t.

The Morris Redskins were dominant in their opening game of the season. 40-0 drubbing that could have been much much much worse since it was 26-0 by the first play of the second quarter. At least the second string got plenty of playing time which will help them for next season when it is their turn to be starters. Morris is ranked #9 overall in the Tribune and right now are either #4 in 6A or #2 in 5A since they are a bubble team right now as to which class they’ll be in for the playoffs. They are only behind the top 4 Catholic programs in the state in the 2 class rankings. Boo to the college programs being allowed to compete in high school football. It sure is nice to be able to recruit and buy your players when your opposition isn’t allowed to do the same.

That’s it for this boring update.

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