“Old Soldiers Never Die They Just Fade Away” – Gen. MacArthur

Well ladies and gentlemen,

This is going to be my last live journal update. I will no longer have anything to write about and therefore no need to come here. As Shaina announced in her live journal, we have officially decided to call it quits.

Ever since August of 1994, I have neglected my family and friends in Morris. When I left to go to University of Kentucky, most of them would only get to see me once a year and since I didn’t go home for Christmas last year, most of my mom’s side of the family went a year a half without seeing me. My grandma is almost 80 years old now and for the last ten years she was gone from taking care of my paralyzed father and my alzheimer stricken grandfather by herself after recovering from a heart attack all so I could be away in college. My father passed away and then my grandfather but my grandma still stays at the house in Morris keeping it maintained and keeping up all the taxes and bills on that end. It is truly time that I return to my real home and relieve the burden from her back.

I am a fat lazy bastard and the fact that I was working 42-45 hours a week at Home Depot just in order to lose $300 a month after expenses of staying down here in Clarksville was beginning to be too much of a burden. It was making me a miserable hateful SOB. It was in turn making Shaina miserable because I was always gone all night at work leaving her alone at the apartment. She was working during the afternoon when I would wake up from sleep so I would then be sitting around the apartment alone all the time. Sometimes, we would only get to see each other 15 minutes a day. I will be so happy when I can tell Home Depot that I quit in two weeks. I will hold off on that however, until Shaina can find a replacement roommate or a second job. Shaina and I will remain good friends because it really won’t be all that different with me being in Morris and her here. We’ll still just mainly be seeing each other at wrestling shows.

I will close with saying my goodbyes to two people whom I consider great friends even though we have drifted apart over the last year or so.

Brent Blades – If you ever want to catch a Cubs game buddy just let me know. My schedule is wide open now.

Rich Wayne – Mayor, I will always cherish the all night storytelling sessions after the shows and the softball memories. I will extend the same offer to you that I made to Brent, if you are ever in the area and want to catch a Cubs game, just give me a yell.

To the rest of you, I will see you at wrestling and I will be a bigger prick than ever due to all of this.

Good day.

P.S. RIP President Reagan and damn you Crusade For Children (Nick Maniwa will know what I mean)






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