Well I destroyed a $300 bench at Home Depot last night with the reach truck. I now have to drive into the middle of Louisville off of Hurstbourne Lane to go take a drug test which is the rules at Home Depot whenever you break anything over $200. I can’t believe the damn thing was worth $300. It is a piece of plastic junk that weighs literally like ten pounds. It is 7:45 now and the place doesn’t open till 8:30. I have to pee really bad. Since I have to get this test, my license is suspended for driving equipment so tonight should be a blast since I won’t be able to do my job. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Shaina and I spent like $300 at Bed, Bath and Beyond this week on some new sheets and a comforter and etc for the bedroom. A giant thanks goes out to Mike Miller for the coupons that saved me close to a bill on the total price. Another big thanks goes out to Mike for putting together the closetmaid dealio in the bedroom to enhance the amount of room in the closet. We’ve only had the thing sitting in a box for like 6 months now.

I just got done reading the Mayor’s update. Thanks for the kind words. I was depressed about sitting on Boz’s face on the elbowdrop but it seemed to be liked by everyone else but Boz and me. I glad someone found the performance to be entertaining. I still can’t believe that I had gone almost 4 years without a match and then in consecutive months I’m in the ring against Ian, Balls, Pondo and Stone and then Road Dogg. It was fun being in there with Trik as well since I actually got to break out the Perfect neck snap and a vertical suplex. A big thanks goes out to all those involved. Keeping with the wrestling theme, I can not wait for Bobby Heenan to be in IWA. My best friend back home is getting married that day but luckily it is an afternoon wedding so I can get to the Highland show around 8 or so and still be involved.

Well I’m outta here so I can get this drug test out of the way.

Good Day.






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