RIP JProdigy

I do not know how to start this update even though it has been a few days now since I heard the news. I guess I should start out by saying to any of Jeremy’s friends or family that may come across to entry, my heart goes out to you. While I may not have been great friends with him, I can honestly say that I know what you guys are going through. It was definitely quite a shame that in order to see guys like Nate Future and Brian and Ben Neal and Suicide and Phoenix again that it took such a sad occassion.

I got to become good friends with Brent and Ben with the midnight bowling and spaghetti gimmick suppers and I know how close they were with Jeremy and the rest of their clique from the old KMart building days. My memories of Jeremy will only be wrestling related as that is the only way that I knew him. I truly regret that I didn’t know him better. He welcomed me as his manager when I first started managing for IWA. He was the first guy not named Ian Rotten that I managed. I had such a great time dressing in the red and black (strange color scheme at the time for such big UK fans to wear) and wearing the bandana and just being a cocky arrogant street punk. He had so much potential and his matches against Kid and the three way with Kid and Reckless were phenomenal matches. Nick Maniwa and I were talking on the way to the Laffayette show this past weekend about reforming the Old School IWA guys that I used to manage and having Rollin, Mitch Page, Cash Flo and JProdigy as a group. But the one memory that I will take of Jeremy and remember more than any other is not wrestling related really. While I was working at UPS, a girl started working on the same belt as me and we would talk some and she found out I worked for IWA. A couple of days later, she came up to me and told me that she had met Jeremy at a party and that he said to tell me hello. I hadn’t talked to Jeremy for probably 2 years at the point and while it seems like such a small thing, I will always remember that he told her to say that he said hello. I believe that I saw the same girl there at the funeral yesterday but I didn’t talk to her to find out. I couldn’t even bring myself to go up to the casket when I was at the funeral.

Shaina lost a friend last week to suicide and it has hit her very hard and now this week is another young man going way before his time. We were on our way to Nashville to celebrate a late Valentine’s Day when Ian called and told me the news. I still am in shock. I don’t know if Jeremy still liked wrestling or not since he left IWA but I will still see him in my mind getting carried to the ring on my shoulders and then hitting a high spot and taking a bow.

RIP Jeremy knowing that you had many good friends and that they will all miss you.






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