I’m still alive and more hated than ever

Well Danny Daniels was successful in his bid to get Chris Hero out of IWA. It provided alot of close calls and me getting my butt kicked by Mark Wolf but we pulled it out nonetheless.

This past weekend in Lafayette, I allowed my guys to help out JC in his match against Nate. This doesn’t mean that we’ll be whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ears or swapping spit in the shower but it does mean that JC owes me one and that all wrestlers not on my side in the war with Ian are open to attacks.

The return trip, I’m going to be handcuffed to a fan. One ugly piece of garbage threatened to bring $100 to spend on the raffle to ensure that he is the one that gets handcuffed to me. He better be careful what he hopes for because I’d hate to be responsible for the death of a fan if he tried anything stupid if he did win.

I don’t think Corporal can take too many more of these beatdowns that my guys and myself have been putting on him.

Brent Blades is a tremendous ref and I’ve just about got the paperwork done to make him officially an official in IWA once again. Damn that Prazak for throwing out Danny’s hard fought victory over Corporal in Salem with the whole “Brent no longer works for this company” excuse. DP will be sorry he crossed me like that. Perhaps I’ll have to put Fannin/Prazak out in mass production on the gimmick table and let everyone know who has the right to call the shots around IWA.

Well I have nothing further to add to this update so I guess the next time the wrestling world sees me, it will be inside ropes wrapped in barb wire. Damn that Ian Rotten all to hell for making that matchup.

Good Day.






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