Thank goodness the Damn Yankees lost. I always enjoy watching the Evil Empire lose. It doesn’t happen often enough. Notre Dame can’t lose enough to make me happy either although they are trying their damnedest this year to try. The Packers are losing frequently as well so I guess things are going well in the sports world for now.

The Morris Redskins are the number two seed in their quadrant in the 5A football playoffs. Who is number one you ask? The hated Joliet Catholic Hilltoppers. A quarterfinal matchup awaits if Morris can get there. Don’t even get me started on how much I hate Joliet Catholic and the way they always hang on and defeat Morris with the help of wind gusts or blind (perhaps intentionally) refs. Here’s to hoping this game would be played in Morris and you had better believe that I will make the 6 hour journey home for this one.

Shaina was the second best salesperson for her Cutco knives and got a great trophy at the convention in Lexington last night. If you are in the market for the best kitchen knives in the world, contact either her or me to get your Cutco demonstration set up.

Ernie Fletcher is ahead in the polls and could be the first Republican Govenor of Kentucky since 1964. I wish him luck even though it was his campaign manager in his failed attempt at US Congress in 96 that made me start hating politics. Fletcher himself was always nice to me so I won’t hold him accountable for his ingrate manager’s bad attitude.

Well I guess that about covers it for this update.

Good Day.






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