The ride is over

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs on a great year that exceeded every expectation that I had going into the season. They made Cubs fans believers once again and for that, they should be commended. I just finished reading where Kerry Wood proclaims that he choked and that he let the city of Chicago down. I had to disagree. He is the main reason the Cubs got to the NLCS. Without Kerry Wood, this team doesn’t make the playoffs and they don’t beat the Braves. There is no way in hell that he could have won last night with the pressure of 58 years of failure sitting on his back during every pitch. The 112 pitches he through with all that pressure equals about 336 pitches by my calculations. Mark Prior should also feel no guilt in what happened.

Now for my rant. Steve Bartman is scum. I hope you sleep well my friend but I also suggest that you watch Godfather II until you get the hint. Some will say that his boneheaded gaff wasn’t the reason for the game 6 loss. I will now argue why it was the reason. The Chicago Cubs are all about the Curse of the Billy Goat. It is well documented and out there for everyone to know including the players. The Cubs have always waited for the bad luck to kick in. As soon as stupid ass pulled his mistake that will go down in infamy, it opened the flood walls for all the demons and ghosts and bad karma to come rushing in. It created a “oh no here it is and what could be next” thought process. It directly led to Alex “I didn’t hit my weight in the regular season” Gonzalez to commit the error. It led to Kyle Farnsworth to not be able to pitch a strike to save his life because he knew the curse was in full effect. Mr. Bartman will forever have a spot in the Cubs fans heart right with the billy goat, black cat, Brant Brown, Ernie Broglio, and Larry Himes.

In closing, all this Cub fan has to say is….JUST WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR!!!!!!






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