Curses and quite possibly the stupidiest fan in history

I must come on here and make my prediction for game 7 tonight. Florida wins by at least 10 runs. I don’t see any way that the Cubs rebound and win tonight. None. Of course, if some jackass in the front row takes his head out of his ass for two seconds and uses common sense, there is no game 7 to be played. I agree with Jay Marriotti, the guy had better move out of the state. I’d be in jail right now if I had been at the game. I know that it is wrong to feel that way but dammit, my dad died without ever getting to see the Cubs in the World Series. I cried for a week in 1984 when the Cubs collasped like this last time. Now we will get to see it happen again because so numbnut wanted to catch a $15 ball. I would have given the bastard $15 to go to the souvenir stand and buy one as would 39,000 people there.

At least there is always next year.

Definitely not a good day.






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