Cubs Cubs and More Cubs

The Cubs finally won a playoff series for the first time in 95 years by defeating the Atlanta Braves. They jump out to a 4-0 lead in the first inning off Florida in the first game of the NLCS and then bam – Zambrano thinks he is pitching batting practice. I can live with that since Zambrano has had a great year and the Cubs wouldn’t be here without him. Grudz makes a huge mistake to help Borowski have a horrible 9th inning. Again, both of those guys were super all year and a big part of the Cubs getting this far.

Now for my beef. Mark Guthrie is the biggest piece of human excrement this side of Dave Veres. I have not listened to one game or seen one game this year that either has pitched in that they haven’t given up a run and sucked. I think Dusty Baker went crazy for a minute when he put Guthrie into the game because quite frankly, I would use Guthrie in a little league game. The last two times he has pitched were causes for losses against the Braves and the Marlins. Perhaps Hendry can get someone to be stupid enough to give up a sack of baseballs and trade him away. The same goes for Dave Veres. I hope that neither are at the Cubs convention if I get tickets for I will honestly have to go through their lines just so I can spit in their face. On a similar note, any time that Damian Miller wants to get a base ball is fine by me. I’m tired of watching him be an automatic out while Pudge is doing great and showing Hendry why he is worth 1,000 Damian Millers and should have been brought in this year via free agency.

I have rambled enough since the Cubs still have Kerry Wood and Mark Prior pitching four times this series. Lets hope that this is the year.

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