Job interview

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm I will interview for a job as a car salesman. I talked to the lady yesterday and emailed my resume. Today they called me back and set up an interview. The training class starts on September 29th and the ad in the paper says you get paid $8700 during training. I am not sure how long the class is, but if it is 3 months long, it would be about 2.5 times the pay I’m getting at Home Depot right now. I wouldn’t quit the Depot if I got this new job. I would cut back down to part time however. I am very nervous since my only job interviews were one question at UPS (can you lift 70 lbs) and one at Home Depot with Mike Miller. I had never typed up a resume before I did the one yesterday. How pathetic is it to be almost 27 years old and have no experience in the real world with resumes and legit job interviews? Hopefully if anyone reads this before tomorrow, you can wish me luck for I will need it.

$8700 by the end of the year would be such a huge burden lifted off my shoulders as far as paying off alot of the Bailey loan and other debts hanging over my head. I would be able to enjoy wrestling again instead of wishing death upon JC and his family for the debt they put me in and the hard work they have forced me to have to endure to pay it off. I think I would like a job where I could wear a shirt and tie and be professional and not have to lift heavy weight and get filthy.

Well I have rambled long enough. Maybe I will update again tomorrow with news on how the interview went if I feel up to it.

Good Day.






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