In the last two weeks we have lost 3 people off the freight team at Home Depot. It is making work a lot harder at the present time than it needs to be. A truck showed up at 3 am this morning and all of it was left in receiving. We might get to work on Sunday night so that the Monday trucks have room to be unloaded. I hope that we do so I can have Friday night off from work. Shaina and Nicky want me to take them to Milwaukee on Saturday. I want to see Serrano again but the rest I can do without.

I can do without every going to another wrestling show in my life with the way I feel right now. I’m just getting tired of everything. It definitely is not fun anymore. I finally snapped at the show last night and spoke my mind on a certain subject and said exactly what I feel. I wish that I could just walk away and be done with it but I would miss too many of the guys to just do that.

Hopefully this current mood will pass.

That’s about it for this update.

Good Day.






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