Deviousness at Wal-Mart

Today is my lucky day. I went to Walmart after getting off work early to get a camera for Shaina and to turn some used ones in to get developed.

As I was filling out the envelopes for the cameras, I heard two Wal-Mart employees talking. They were discussing the last Brett Favre vs. Brian Urlacher MacFarland figure set that was on the shelf and how the one guy wanted to get it. I quickly finished the filling out of the cameras and took off to the toy section.

The guy was looking at it and put it down and walked away to go out to his car to get money so he could buy it. I quickly snatched it up and went to the register to pay for it. I am now the proud owner of a Brian Urlacher figure!!!!!!

I guess I’m extremely lucky that we got off work early and that Shaina wanted me to go to Walmart.

Well I’m outta here for today.

Good Day.






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