Saturday was a good day

Yesterday was the first time in a looooong time that I got to watch a full Cubs game on television. I had such a good time getting to watch my favorite sport and my favorite team and to make it all better, the Cubs won. I don’t get too many chances to watch games anymore and when they are on tv, I normally just see bits and pieces to check the score. The game ended just in time for me to start getting ready to go to the show.

The show went well last night as I led both Cash Flo and Mitch Page to victories. It wasn’t quite so hot in the dressing room especially compared to the July 4th show. I once again fell asleep during the show back there. It is nice to just be able to relax and have fun instead of always being out at the ring during the shows.

That pretty much sums up what happened yesterday. I guess it is time to end this report and perhaps a month or so from now I will update again.

Until then, Good Day.






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