XPW and Random Thoughts

This past weekend was the much anticipated trip to XPW in Pittsburgh. Shaina got to go at the last minute due to the very awesome Tracy Smothers needing someone to ride with him.

Phyllis, Ian and Tracy in Tracy’s car. Shaina, Jonny Storm and me in my car.

It was a fun trip overall as we just constantly made fun of English Bob, English Muffin, Midget, Jonny Storm. He was a good sport about the whole thing and also fell pray to the A1 Steak Sauce and Sweet N Low in the Cherry Coke gimmick.

I met Rob Black at the show and he was everything you would expect a porn king to be and to look like. He was very nice to me and even remembered my name 2 hours later as we were leaving the show.

Overall the show sucked but it was still fun. The Franchise cut a great promo to start the show. Southern Comfort (Tracy and Hamrick) vs. Youthenasia and Danny Doring/Christian York was very good even with the top rope snapping 3 minutes into the match. Juventud vs. Storm vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Shark Boy was very good as well even though Juventud tanked it and walked out of the match with an “injured ankle.” Supreme was not impressive at all as he damn near killed Angel the Hardcore Homo by throwing him off a 15 foot balcony and missing all 4 tables on the floor being used to sell tshirts and video tapes. Angel was taken to a hospital and ended up with a swollen hip/leg and a broken thumb.

Anyone who wants to complain about my ring announcing needs to have seen the first three matches. Kudos to Phyllis for clueing me in on the fact that I needed to look at the big screen because their names wouldn’t be announced.

That is the basic rundown of Pittsburgh and in closing, inspired by the mayor, last week was the 7 year anniversary of the death of my dad. When Brent told me about the update by the mayor, it immediately made me think back to a sports story of my dad. He was watching a tape delayed game between UK and someone while I was going to UK. I went to the game and had just gotten back to the dorm when he called to make fun of me because UK was losing by 12. He didn’t believe me when I told him the game was over and UK comes back to win since it was on his tv righ then. We stayed on the phone until the telecast ended and he hung up on me with these words “lucky guess.”

I love you dad and miss you but still always think about you.

Good Day.






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