how things can change in a day


Well yesterday was supposed to be the big trip to Nashville in order to meet Dusty Rhodes and Vader. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate as it was calling for freezing rain and snow in that area.

Instead, it was a trip to the Evansville Coliseum. I had heard the horror stories about the shows and hell with Manslaughter on the card how good could it be. Nick Maniwa and Mulletman Danny were with Ian and myself for the trip. We dropped Ian off at the building and left to go eat. We know Evansville a lot better now after driving all over it to go to JoJos at the recommendation of Ian Rotten.

Let’s just say we won’t be going to eat at places recommended by Ian anytime soon. Horrible. Long Live J-Boys and the memories of the mayor telling stories till 4 or 5 in the morning and today’s meetings of chicanery there. So if you ever find yourself in Evansville, IN and the only place you see is JoJo’s, remember these words from me, “I’d rather eat my pinkie.”

Since I mentioned the mayor in the last paragraph, it is time for a plug. You need to find the mayor’s live journal and read it if you haven’t. Great stuff from a great guy. You’ll love it. I believe you’ll find it under the name of richthemayor or something like that. Instead of “buy the shirt” it’s “visit the live journal.”

Saturday will be another show run by me. I don’t know what will go wrong this time but since something does every time I run a show, we’ll see.

That’s wraps up this exciting journal entry and remember as I said on commentary last week “the last time I saw a hiptoss as a finish, it was the main event of OVW’s tv show last week and the time before that it was 1922 when they hadn’t figured out anything else to do yet.” So, just say no to bad wrestling.

Good Day.







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