First Entry

Brent Blades always tells people that I am the most opinionated man he knows. I used to post my opinions on the IWA message board. However, people have made it clear in their posts there that while they have the right to post their opinions, the same right doesn’t extend to me. Therefore, I now have a live journal to post my thoughts. So without further ado, here is my first entry.

I hope you didn’t come here looking for inside information on the IWA because you won’t find it here. I will discuss happenings from the shows however. My thoughts on last night center around a friend of mine named Mark Wolf. He finally got a victory over that weasel Adam Gooch. No one gives wrestling more dedication than Mark Wolf. No one is more inspirational after Mark came back from his back injury. Most would have called it quits and been happy with fulfilling a lifelong dream but Mark came back and is even better now than before the injury. Mark doesn’t win too often due to the fact that whether he is wrestling Todd, Mitch or Gooch, it is never one on one but always at least two on one. A much deserved victory for Mark last night. His good friend Chris Hero wasn’t so lucky though as he full prey to the uneven odds in his match with Todd. The show was under my control as Ian was in Milwaukee and I think overall it was a show that the crowd enjoyed.

Now onto the events of today. I went to see Just Married with Shaina and it was a funny movie. Unfortunately, the people around us were jerks. I had a girl sitting behind me that put her foot on the chair next to me and would not stop shaking her leg. I finally had to elbow the chair to knock her foot down about half way into the movie for her to stop. The kids in front of us were even worse as they continuously talked, ran around, threw popcorn at each other and even us once and turning around and staring at us. Unsupervised children are brats. Their parents should be forced to sit in a theater full of unsupervised brats as punishment.

That does it for today. Good Day.







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