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  • Why racing?

    I found myself embroiled in a twitter fight this week and I really just don’t understand it at all.  What is the allure of racing?  Any kind of racing?  I just don’t get it.   NASCAR, Indy, Horse, Olympic, bicycling.  Who wants to watch a car go in circles for 500 miles?  Who wants to…

  • Now that the #Olympics are over, people can stop caring about speedwalking, trampoline and synchronized swimming.

  • Cool photo from USA Today of Dawn Harper & Kellie Wells after finishing 2nd & 3rd in 100M hurdles at #Olympics

  • Sally Pearson wins the gold in 100M hurdles for Australia in pouring rain at London #Olympics

  • Usain Bolt wins the 100 meter dash in the Olympics joining the USA’s Carl Lewis as the only back to back Olympic winner in the history of the 100M dash.

  • Random Fire 8/3/12

    The MLB trade deadline has come and gone.  One of the key themes of the trade deadline as it always is was the 10/5 clause that allows players with at least 10 years of MLB service and the last 5 with the same team to veto any trade.  I despise this clause with a passion.…