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  • Funny WWE – The Beard Guide to Wrestling pic

    Funny LOL WWF, TNA, and WWE Wrestling photo joke: The Beard Guide to Wrestling. The Hogan.  The Rude.  The Anvil. The Bryan. The Fuji. The Savage.  The Eddie.  The Steiner. The Sheik.  The Foley.  The Hardy.  The Zeb. The Razor.  The Honkey Tonk.  The Lou.  The Hacksaw  

  • WWE Champions

    Here is a photograph history of every single undisputed WWE heavyweight champion in history in order of the first time they won the title. (1963-1978) –  “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers, Bruno Sammartino, “The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff, Pedro Morales, Stan “The Man” Stasiak, “Superstar” Billy Graham, Bob Backlund (1983-1991) – The Iron Sheik, Hulk Hogan,…

  • Morris Mayhem 2002

    Would you believe it if I told you that Eddie Guerrero, Rey Misterio Jr and CM Punk wrestled and “Sensational” Sherri Martel managed in a high school gymnasium in 2002 in a town that had a population less than the seating capacity of all the venues WWE runs?  What if I told you that 12…