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  • Wrigleyville Rooftops Can Go To Hell

    Wrigley Field turns 100 years old in 2014.  It is the second oldest stadium in MLB behind Fenway Park which turned 100 in 2012.  Wrigley is the only stadium probably in any sport that is smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood.  It is definitely the only stadium that is so entrenched into a…

  • Masahiro Tanaka Is Coming To MLB!

    Masahiro Tanaka will be pitching in the MLB next season.  It has been the biggest roller coaster ride of the off season as every day reports would come from Japan saying that he was going to be posted and that he was not going to be posted.  MLB negotiated a new deal with the Japan…

  • Johnny Evers Cubs art photo.

    mightyflynn: The Player (Johnny Evers of the Chicago Cubs, 1902-13) by artist clayrodery h/t patruby —Tinker to Evers to Chance – Baseball’s Sad Lexicon, Gotham’s Woe, That Double Play Again.  Whatever you want to call it, MLB’s 1st major DP combo

  • One month til opening day – see you soon wrigley

    chicagocubs: Who’s ready? —One month to Opening Day at #WrigleyField. #GoCubsGo #Cubs #MLB

  • chicagocubs: Holy Cow! Today would have been Harry Caray’s 99th birthday.  My dad and I would listen to Harry call the Cubs games on WGN every day when I got home from school.  One of my fonder memories of my childhood.  I wish I could have met Harry…he was a true icon of his field…

  • Cubs tickets sale

    chicagocubs: Single game Cubs tickets go on sale March 8! This year marks our final 2-hour on-sale event at the Wrigley Field Ticket Office.

  • Happy 21st Birthday to Cubs’ Jorge Soler!

    chicagocubs: Happy 21st birthday to Cubs outfielder Jorge Soler!

  • Ivy being planted at Wrigley Field

    conspiracytheorist79: via @uniformcritic: #baseball #history 1937: The ivy being planted at Wrigley Field —–As a tour guide at Wrigley Field last season, I got to talk about this photo every day.  My favorite part of the story is that the ivy Bill Veeck (yes of White Sox owner fame) planted in 1937 is the same ivy…

  • Spring Training baseball

    One of my most favorite times of the year. #SpringTraining #MLB #Cubs #Yankees #RedSox #Dodgers

  • Chicago Cubs Spring Training truck

    chicagocubs: The Cubs’ Spring Training truck is loaded at Wrigley Field and ready to depart for Mesa. —-I wish it were already March 3rd so I can board the plane and head out to Mesa myself for three games!