some rants and some non rants

I have to start this one on a baseball rant against the Cubs because they are frustrating.  Why does it take evaluating at this point to determine whether Dusty Baker should be fired?  He’s had the job for 3 1/2 years.  What the hell can you learn in the next few days/weeks that you haven’t learned in the past 3 1/2 years?  The pitchers don’t know how to cover first base.  The base runners don’t know how to not get doubled off on routine pop flies.  This has been going on since he got here.  It will not change now.  No young players have developed into anything under his watch.  Corey Patterson sucked balls.  Now he is playing decent pro ball for the O’s.  None of the pitchers have turned into anything other than injury plagued sissies.  I will get into a different rant on that in a second.  This team needs to be blown up and the GM goes on the radio and tries to tell people that a fire sale is not in order.  The only people that should be kept on the team is Lee, Barrett, Zambrano, Howry, Eyre, Cedeno and Murton.  Everyone else can be traded or let go.  Aramis Rameriz has no hustle whatsoever.  His ass needs to be beat with a stick to get him to hustle to first base.  You don’t need shit like that on your team.  It is why the Cubs haven’t won in 98 years.

Mark Prior is the worst.  He gets a hang nail and he can’t pitch.  He sneezes and he can’t pitch.  Fuck this winter he had the flu and three months later he was still weakened from having the flu.  What the hell is that?  Normal human beings are back to full strength and working within an week of having the flu and a lot work through it.  Trade Prior for a sack of baseballs and let some other team deal with his pussy hurting five times a season and causing him to only pitch 1/3 of the season at most.

I finished off Season One of Quantum Leap the other day and I just finished the first two episodes of season two.  I may finish side A of disc one and watch the other two episodes on it after I sign off.  Since the bedroom is tore up with the wallpaper removal/painting project and the spare bedroom is full of everything taken out of my room, I’ll be sleeping on the couch the next couple of nights.  Lots of late night tv watching in store.

I will finish with this story.  Damn you ESPN.  I was at the gym this morning and when I got on the treadmill, they had ESPN on the one television so I decided to watch Sportscenter while I walked.  They had a segment on there about Make A Wish Foundation and had a story about a 12 year old girl that had brain cancer.  She used to play little league baseball with a bunch of boys and moved away right before she got cancer.  She hadn’t seen them in two years including one boy that was her best friend.  Her wish was to be reunited with her little league team and go to a Mariners game.  Her best friend that she hadn’t seen in two years had moved to the east coast and she was told that he couldn’t make it but the rest of the team was there.   ESPN showed them get to the ballpark and meet the players and then showed them gathering around the Mariners mascot for a team photo but they told the girl they couldn’t take the picture because they were missing a player and then they opened up the wall in the bullpen and her best friend came jogging out onto the field.  The little girl started crying and gave the boy a big hug.  At that precise moment, a gust of wind came through the gym and blew dust right in my eye.  Luckily I was sweating profusely so the sweat along with my prodding finger was able to get the dust cleared from my eye rather quickly.   I hate you ESPN.

Grandma is threatening to wake me up at 3 am to do more work on mudding the drywall and such so the room can get done before I leave for the weekend.  Therefore, I better hit the couch and get some shut eye.

Good Day.






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