That Ray is one funny guy edited with lots of random crap because I can’t sleep

I tell ya that Ray always knows how to make me laugh hysterically with a smart ass comment. I have that survey deal in the myspace bulletin about how well you know me that people are supposed to fill out and send back to me. One of the questions is about who I like or somesuch. Ray’s response was “a gem of a girl.” I laughed for about 5 minutes on that one. Great stuff Ray. Thanks for getting me to smile.

I paid the property taxes today along with about five other bills. I have traded off on the credit cards cause the big one is full now after the property taxes. Now I have to use the much much much smaller one and actually take it easy on the spending. I guess that could be a blessing in disguise.

I’m looking forward to KOTDM this weekend. It should be fun times. Fun times indeed. Especially if Maniwa comes. Hotel chicanery is some of the best chicanery that there is!!!

Today was a good workout at the gym. I could definitely tell that I had taken about a week off though. I think I will start to lose more weight now that summer is here. I sweat much more today in the higher temps.

I still have plenty of catching up on stuff so that is enough of an update for now.


I can’t sleep. So here are some random stuff that was on my mind while I was tossing and turning.

How many times has Morris lost in the playoffs to the eventual state champion? 12 out of the 20 years we’ve lost in the playoffs or 60% of the time. In 23 total playoff appearances, we win state or lose to the state champion 65% of the time. In the all time playoff standings, Morris is the #6 program in the state of Illinois overall. When you consider that Providence and Joliet Catholic are ahead of us and were the teams beating us every year…we would be higher if we weren’t all in the same class. When you consider that Geneseo is ahead of us as well and that due to the shady ass way that the state used to draw the line across the state that divided north and south (look at a map. Geneseo is north of Morris but yet every year they got to go south in the playoffs and beat inferior competition while we slugged it out with the catholic schools by the quarterfinals) so Geneseo always got to play JCA and Providence after they beat us (usually in the championship game), we should be ahead of them as well since we are 2-1 against them in the playoffs and the fact that their championships came the first three years of the playoffs before Darlington arrived in Morris. Yep…Morris should be the #4 program in the state of Illinois. That is my story and I’m sticking to it.

The King of the Death Match tournament has also got my mind doing laps. I have come up with several scenarios for filling the TBD spot in the tournament and I keep thinking of more.

I was also thinking about how many people that I have thought were pieces of shit have proven me wrong. The answer is zero. Never in my life have I been wrong on that one. I can sniff out the bad ones pretty easily.

I then thought about how many people that I liked that I was wrong about. The answer is three or at least that is what I have come up with so far. Someone may have slipped through the cracks.

I was initially shocked to find that the mistakes came on people that I thought were good people since that list is much shorter. I would have thought it would be the other way around. However, in order to make it onto the piece of shit list, I guess you have to prove to me that you are a piece of shit so that doesn’t leave much room for mistakes. Oh the things that occupy my mind when I can’t sleep.

Why is it so damn hot in this house? Ah yes because my grandma doesn’t like having the air going. Perhaps this time when I try to go back to sleep (for the third time tonight) I will turn on the fan full force to keep me from sweating.

I think I have run out of random crap to talk about and allow people to bet on.

So once again…that is all.






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