Some of the Horsemen to take a trial run before chicanery

Today has turned into a decent day. 3 1/2 hours of That 70s Show is always a good way to spend the evening. It was a little depressing though. I don’t know which was worse to see…Laura Prepon crying on the Saying Goodbye special after taping the final episode or her wearing Packers garb in the episode that just went off on UPN 50 where they all go to the Packers/Bears game and Eric wears a Payton jersey and beats the shit out of a Packer fan. Talk about taking the good with the bad. The newer episode was even decent because she dumped that jackass that has single handedly ruined the show. They should have come to me with an offer for that role. The show would still be a hit if I were Donna’s boyfriend on there. Well I would have enjoyed it anyway and I definitely could have done it better than that guy that chose for the part. I will watch the final episode next week since I’m not going to Streamwood and by God…Eric better come back from Africa and him and Donna better get back together and she better take her hair back to being red just for him and put it in pigtails just for me. Any other ending to the show will just be unacceptable and heads will roll…I really mean it this time…maybe.

Due to the insistance of Marc Fusion earlier this afternoon, 3/4ths of Fannin’s Horsemen will get a trial run tomorrow night. Martina McBride is having a concert down in Bloomington and he had tickets for him and Alex. He convinced Sox and myself to go as well. I’ve seen Martina three times already in concert but she has come out with a couple of new cd’s since then so this should be fun. We will get a trial run before we have Ray join us and unleash or chicanery on the world on the 19th. The shirt better be done by then…I fear that it won’t but we will ad lib and still have some chicanery no matter what. Nothing beats a good plan coming together and working to perfection.

Usually I would have stayed home and watched the FX Block Party of That 70s Show on Friday nights that runs 4 hours. Unfortunately, they decide to air Busch Series Nascar races on Friday nights now. Nothing like minor league race car driving on television. Whoo hoo…people driving cars in a circle that aren’t good enough for the big time. Why not throw on some golf and some soccer while you are at it and call it shitty and boring non sports sports night on FX. I think this will be much better.

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