Deal or No Deal

That show is quickly becoming one of my favorites to watch. I love watching idiots stick around 3 plays too long. Last night a lady got offered $299,000 but since she had $300K, $500K and $1M still on the board she turned down the offer. Next case was the $1M and offer dropped to $144K. She turned it down and picked the $500K case. Offer dropped to $70K and she again turned it down and picked the $300K case and ended up leaving with $25,000. It still isn’t a bad payday but when you have $300,000 in your hand and you turn it down, you deserve to get your head kicked in just like she got. Her husband was about ready to puke cause he was telling her to take the deal the case before the offer got to $299,000. I love watching greedy people take a hit. I so desperately want to get on that show. The crowd would hate my guts. They are always screaming “No Deal” at every offer. I would calmly and politely tell them “Go fuck yourselves because it isn’t your money or your offer so I don’t give a shit what your opinion is.” I would have like Ian as my keep going for it guy helper and then I would put Chris, Mickie, Patti and my grandma on the panel as the “what the hell are you even thinking about it for…take the damn offer” helpers. I would then hopefully walk away with at least 100K and boy oh boy would heads start to roll if that happened. Guys would start making IWA a priority again or they would be gone. Enemies would be snufed out. Good times had by all.

I have my own little Deal or No Deal brewing though after the other night. Fusion has compared it to my own personal Goonies adventure. That was underground with bugs and skeletons and dead things though so I don’t want to compare it to a Goonies adventure. I said that it is overload and too much on the plate. Maniwa shrewdly pointed out that options are a good thing. I think he won me over with that argument. Options are a good thing when approached properly. I at least have a security net under me if I decide to go for my “million dollar case” and have a couple of viable options like the 750K or the 500K left in case I don’t get the million. On the other hand, should I even go for the million or should I just take the “deal”? I think I should still go for the million because if done correctly, the deal will still be there and the same even if I continue on and fail going for what I want. I’m going to have to stop because now I’m even confusing myself. As I was telling Joey the other day when I picked him up from school, I love analogies almost as much I love to rant in these blogs as I was explaining to him my analogy on rowboats and speedboats and comparing them to my situation. I loved that analogy as it involved themes about choices like practical and wise and lots of mentions of “gas” and how things can look good on the outside but have no value on the inside and once they break down and age how they lose their own appealing quality. Sometimes the analogy gets so long winded and confusing though that even I get lost in it. Moving on.

TNT is showing the Rocky movies today. At least 1 and 2 anyway. I’m not sure if they play more or stop at that point. I watched 1. I love that movie. They don’t go for the overly happy ending like they do in 2. I like the story of the underdog persuing his dream and going the distance and proving that belongs but he doesn’t pull off the unbelievable upset. That is my speed. Rocky II focuses too much on the relationship between Rocky and Adrianne and then has the unbelievable ending. I like the movie because of Mickey and the fact that Rocky proposes to Adrianne at the zoo when in part one, the thug tells Rocky to take Adrianne to the zoo because “retards like the zoo.” So where does he take her…the zoo. I guess even Rocky admitted that she was retarded. I hate Adrianne in those movies. As soon as she yelled at him “You can’t win Rock!” he should have pushed her down the damn stairs and been done with the bitch. I’ll turn it on around the time for Mickey’s big “Well what in the hell are we waiting for” speech. Hopefully I’ll get to catch Rocky III before leaving for Chuman’s show.

Until next time…May 19th looms large in the future and I still have so much to do.






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