Don’t like reading Happy Fannin…this is for you

Here comes a blog full of rants. Many of you have hating reading stuff coming from an optimistic happy Jim Fannin. Well now you readers get a blog that has plenty of different rants for you to enjoy.

Rant one: Kids at baseball games and their idiot parents that don’t pay attention. Before the game started tonight, a guy brought his two kids to the row behind us to talk to his friend that was sitting next to us. His maybe 3 year old daughter sat in the seat behind me. The entire 5 minutes that the guy was there talking to his friend, that little brat sat there doing nothing but giving my seat rapid fire kicks. I felt like I was on a plane going through turbulence. I turned to Chris and said rather loudly, “we are about to have a repeat incident from the Rosemont Horizon if that shit doesn’t stop and pronto.” I will know backtrack and tell the Rosemont Horizon story. We had 4th row seats on the floor. A father brought his 6 year old son to the wrestling show and had the seats right in front of us in the third row. His kid kept standing in the chair in front of me. Ric Flair came out for his match and I asked the dad to make his kid sit down. He said “he can’t see since he’s only six.” I said “You should have thought about that before your dumb ass bought a third row seat” and I then proceeded to kick the chair out from under the kid and sent the kid falling to the floor. The dad was pissed but I gave him a chance to do it the nice way…he made me do it MY WAY. Anyway, at about the time I said that to Chris, they left and the guy sitting next to me asked what I said needed to stop and I told him that girl kicking the hell out of my seat and he apologized and there were no problems. Now for a second rant about kids at the baseball game. As we were getting ready to leave after the sixth innning with the Sox winning 8-0, a tall black man lost his son or little brother or something. He was screaming out his name and saying “I just turned around to ask someone a question for a second…” Dude, there is this little thing called holding the kid’s hand. It works wonders for keeping track of a child in a crowd of 30,000 people. It is easy to get seperated when you don’t do a simple thing like hold hands. Secondly, I wouldn’t walk around among 30,000 people screaming out his name. Odds are that at least 1 out of the 30,000 people is a degenerate scumbag that is capable of kidnapping the child if he knows a name. Tell security and give them a description and let the power of 100 security guards with walkie talkies help you. In the immortal words of Carlos Mencia…DEE DEE DEE.

Moving along to other rants, the drive home. Ask Ian, Mickie, Maniwa, Patti or Mad Man Pondo and they will all have tremendous stories of Fannin road rage to tell you. It is very easy to piss me off while I’m driving. Like driving in the passing lane for miles and miles and not passing anyone…just cluttering up the fricking road so I am boxed in. Like flying up behind me and not using a turn signal to let me know that you plan on going around me on the right so that when I (going 75 but evidently that isn’t fast enough) go to get over and use my turn signal, I have to swerve back over into my lane because car doing 85 MPH has already started to go around. Like picking your nose while driving in the passing lane and not doing the speed limit and thus boxing me in. Like going between 75 and 60 but not for more than five seconds at a time at the same speed. In the perfect world, there would never be anyone in front of me on the road so I could set my own pace.

I love watching Greg Maddux pitch when he is doing good. He is my all time favorite pitcher. 3-0 to start the season is sensational. I like seeing the Cubs at 8-4. It gives me joy. It gives me hope.

What takes the hope right away from me that I do have: monkey wrenches and chaos. I don’t like monkey wrenches being thrown into my neatly developed plans. I am comfortable with order and neatness and things going according to plan. I don’t function well in a universe full of chaos. After reading the results of Maniwa’s investigation for me, a little less hope for Phase II to have any chance of success.

I’m done for now. It is way past my Monday night bedtime. I will have more updates by the time I leave on Wednesday I am sure.

Until next time…clap and cheer and get my adrenaline flowing for a babyface comeback…my God how can I pass for a babyface??? Let’s try it anyway!!!






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